Wellcome to the official WRarCryptor's page!
ATTENTION!Now the 2.0 version is available for download!
Main features of 2.0 version:
  1. Support of 18 additional crypto algorithms
  2. Support of 9 additional CRC algorithms
  3. Multilanguage interface
  4. New user interface
  5. The possibility of program's uninstallation in standart way using Control Panel was added
  6. The program's protection against illegal coping is improved :)
The password files, which have been created using the earlier version of the program, can be accessed using export/import operations. But you must select the file type in the file open dialog during the import operation.
Possible improvements in the next versions:
  1. Possibility of encrypting of the files directly from the Explorer's context menu with the program's crypto algorithms
  2. Support of new additional crypto algorithms
  3. Improvement of crypto defence wia multiusage of crypto algorithms with the single CRC
  4. And something else...

WRarCryptor - program for generation and storing the ample quantity of passwords and for automatical using them in the archiver WinRAR. WRarCryptor generates very long (up to 200 symbols) passwords (200 ones) and encrypts and saves them into the file (The Blowfish algorithm is used). After this you can access to the passwords only when the Login operation is done, i.e. the password known by user is entered. This password "locks" file with passwords for WinRAR.

WRarCryptor builts popup menu into Explorer. The user should use it in order to archive files with the password or to extract files, which were created by this program. But for all that user does not know archive password.

In such a way it's enough just to install WRarCryptor at home and in your office, for example, at one of the computers user should run generation of passwords and then the export operation, and at the another computer user should run the import operation. After that it's possible to carry files, which have been created using very long passwords (breaking 4 simbol password by brute force method takes more then one day). Now it's not dangerous to leave somewhere the floppy disk with the secret data.

In case, when user stops working, he should only run the Logout operation from the program's popup menu.

Licence agreement

  1. All author's rights for WRarCryptor belong to its author exclusively.
  2. Unregistered demo version of WRarCryptor can be freely spreaded (except the cases, wich are in this licence agreement defined) in that form only, in which it's delivered, i.e. without any changes.
    1. No natural or juridical persons can spread separate parts of package without written author's permition.
    2. It's forbidden to spread unregistered demo version of WRarCryptor as part of other programms without written author's permition.
    3. It's forbidden to spread the WRarCryptor at the same carrier and/or in the same package of programms with the utilities for "breaking" and key generators.
  3. For the registration you must buy WRarCryptor. The program's cost is $2. When you buy the program, you'll receive all next versions free. When you buy the program, you MUST keep all registration data in secret. In case of infringement of this you will be deprive of any developer's support.
  4. WRarCryptor is spreaded "as is". There are no manifest or implied warranties. You use it at your own risk. The author doesn't account for the data loss, injuries, profit loss or any other types of losses, which are related with the use (correct or not) of this program.
  5. There are no extra licence assigments, except the registration cost.
  6. You cannot use, copy, emulate, clone, rent, sell, change, decompile, disassemble, hand over the licenced program or its part in the way, which is not described in this licence. Any simular non-authorised use will cause the immediate and automatical stoppping of this licence's enfluence and can cause the criminal and/or civil suit. All rights, which are not mentioned here manifestly, belong to author.
  7. Installing and using of WRarCryptor is evidence of your agreement to the conditions of this licence agreement.
  8. If you are not agree to the conditions of this licence agreement, you must remove WRarCryptor's files from all information storing devices and renounce from the further using of WRarCryptor.

Installation and upgrading of the program.
When you install the program be sure, that all explorer's windows are closed, follow the install program's directives. After the installation is complete, run the program.
When you upgrade the program be sure, that all explorer's windows are closed, run the file named UNINSTALL.BAT in the program's directory. After this run an ordinary installation of the new version.
Downloading the program
Commercial version
Demo version
Demo version's limitations:
  1. Archiver's password, which is by WRarCryptor generated, has only 2 symbols (in commercial version from 150 to 200).
  2. Password, used in the program, is limited by 10 symbols (in commercial version there is no limitation).
  3. (For 2.0 version only!)The operation of import of file, which has been created at another computer is available, but program's password must not be longer then 10 symbols. When the demo version uses any password file, only 2 first symbols of any password from it will be used during archive creation. Also, just the password file, which was created using crypto and CRC algorithms, which are supported by DEMO version, can be imported into it!
  4. The demo version supports only one file for passwords storing (the commercial version supports 10 files).
  5. The demo version does not encrypts file names, when the passworded archives are created.
  6. The control of WinRAR's authenticity is incarnated only in commercial version, i.e. when the demo version is used, the archiver can be replaced by malefactor in order to collect passwords, which are used.
  7. (For 2.0 version only!)The commercial version supports more crypto and CRC algorithms.
How to buy commercial version.
WARNING: Spreading of the registration data results in the stopping of the developer's support and in the annulment of the licence!
ATTENTION: The persons, who let 5 men buy the program, will take their version, registration and support FREE!
For payment you need to make a transfer 2.00 WMZ (USD) using WebMoney Transfer on purse Z963143171643. It's my purse in WebMoney Transfer system. In the "Comment" field you should provide the following data:
  1. Your ID in the WebMoney system(the registration data will be sent to you, using the WebMoney mail);
  2. Your name for the registration of the program;
  3. e-mail to keep in touch with You;
  4. name for the registration and e-mail of the person, who had advised You to buy the program, if he exists;
  5. date of the downloading the program.
Code-protected transfers are not accepted. After You have the transfer finished, I'll send You the registration data during 7 days. My ID in the WebMoney system is 617669080500.
After You have the transfer finished, e-mail me to wrarcryptor@rambler.ru, set the topic to NOTIFICATION.
Also You can send your questions, using this address. Set the topic to SUPPORT for this.
Thank you!
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